That Which Covers Me

September 24, 2007
By Stephanie Broome, Spring, TX

I’ve never been so alone
As I am this night
Warm in my bed
Cold in my heart
I lay beneath my blanket
And my blanket is covered with stars
Stars that fell to cover me
As I cried out my anguish
At the death of joy.
I am anchored to this world
By my blanket of stars.
I have no desire
To rise from my bed
To face the reality
That the life I once loved
Is dead.
So I wish on the stars that shelter me
For home and yesterday
But that is a wish that will never be granted
And so I pull my wishes inside
And let them burn
Until their flame flickers out of being-
And then I too, am snuffed away
Beneath my blanket of stars.

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