I Can't Believe This is Real

September 24, 2007
By Tricia Hill, Lancaster, WI

I can’t believe this is real
That there is someone for me
That isn’t just like the rest
Someone who stands out from the crowd
Who makes me feel like I never have
You bring smiles to my face
Even if all I am doing is looking in your eyes
You can make me laugh
And I will have no clue why
There’s something there
Though I have no clue what it is
I am determined to find out
I like feeling that you’re always going to be there
That you care so much for me
You don’t know what you would do
without me
I love that you’re the first thing I think about in the morning
And the last thing I think about at night
I love the way you look at me
And you see the real me
Not what I see in the morning
When I look in the mirror
I love that for once in my life
I’ve found someone
Who actually wants me
And not someone that I just can’t be
Cause for once I can say that someone loves me
Truth be told I can say I love them too

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