Am I Afraid

September 24, 2007
By Ella Powers, South Solon, OH

Am I afraid?
To tell you what is on my mind
Am I afraid?
To let the words flow from this mouth of mine?

My thoughts go blank
And my tongue gets tied
So much for word bank...
So I lied

"I don't have anything to say."
That's what I told you
When the truth is,
I still do

I felt like someone was moving me,
Controling me,
Telling me what to do,
When all I truly yearn
is to sit down and talk to you.

To tell you how I feel,
And what I think,
But once agin,
I feel my heart sink.

You stare at me,
Waiting for me to say more
but I just shake my head,
And stare at the floor

Why do I do this to myself?
Am I afraid to tell you?
Am I afraid to trust you?
Am I afraid to keep liking you?
Afraid that it will go too far,
Or woprse,
Not far enough.

I admitt it, I am afraid.

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