September 24, 2007
By Noel Ejaz, Gainesville, FL

The sacred fires within
They burn away at my skin.
The cruel demons that kill,
Heed only to their own will.
Feel the flames and feel the burn,
Feel your skin begin to churn.
Have you no feelings of pain?
Do you not feel your soul stain?

Remember the birds pecking at your soul?
Do you not see it left a big hole?
This is the point I make each and every day,
So now I question why I choose to live and stay.
The air we breathe is vile and foul,
We hide our true selves by putting on a cowl.
We mask our lusts by telling a lie,
Feign innocence by wearing a tie.

Why pretend to love others,
Saying we are all brothers.
MTV is now a saint,
God help me or I shall faint.
Much too great is the sorrow,
Do not wish to see ‘morrow.
God, oh God help me through this,
I do not wish to see this.

I do not wish to experience the sorrow,
I only wish there would be a change tomorrow.
Far too great is the pain one must endure,
For this mighty and destructive plaque there is no cure.
Heed my words youthful philosophers and scholars,
The path to true endurance is through knowledge, not dollars.


Cries of sorrow shall be met with desertion
Cries of joy shall be met with applause
The sounds of jubilation shall bring many
Sounds of sorrow bring an awkward pause

Offer humor and many shall come to hear
Melancholy shall drive all away
It would be best to offer them joyous tales
For then everyone shall surely stay

So when you are in need of some company
Offer them caviar and fine wine
For when the world gives you much strife and hardships
Alone must you dine.

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