An Improvised Home

February 5, 2012
By strungupheart SILVER, Willards, Maryland
strungupheart SILVER, Willards, Maryland
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You’ve robbed us of our minds
Our working hands
And time
Turned them into conspiracies
Mocking us
With laws
With piggy meals
And stunning deals
And schooling for our brains
We turn away for just a moment
And all our moneys gone
We look back at what you’ve stolen
And believe that reasons wrong

Now given our predicaments
And slowly forming thoughts
You say we’re all completely drained
Locking up our intellects
And healing throats with chalk

You mock us with our own lies
Given by our own cruel tongues
You rob us of our own thoughts
Made up by your own clones.

Clearly man has done some wrong
But that just means we’re perfect.
And though your mind feels for punishment
And you think we all deserve the choice
Of be you or live in hell
Then it’s a shame your excluded
From the world we’ve made of it.

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