September 23, 2007
By Jenny Pinther, Duluth, MN

You'd think it'd be easy
to write your name on lines,
to say your name without blushing.
I've tried
and it's strange because I see you
whenever I need you,
like when I'm asked to say your name.
I drew a substitute with
crayola crayons.
It's sloppy and I know it.
And it makes me look childish
or mysterious
whenever I use it.
I hate how
crayons never draw a solid line,
but come out in chunks when you think
they won't. Like a lie
made of wax.
I'll always keep you in ink
in my front pocket
my substitute in back.
You stained me
but I can never say your name
maybe I should take you with
and you can name yourself.
Help me rip apart this greasy card.
Don't tell anyone
(but I love you)
but your name isn't and never shall be
you more than deserve
that I will always
say your name.

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