Boom Boom

September 23, 2007
By Sarah Strong, Park City, UT

I was taught life
I was taught life
I was taught love



By my Grandpa

I said “Teach me Boom Boom” When he read the newspaper

When he tied his shoes

When he got the candy

He always knew what to do …

What to say…

You could see his soul

His eyes told a story
When he smiled it was like you and he were the only one’s who mattered
You’d hold his hand and know he’d never let go

He was fighting a war only Doctor’s could see…He lost

It all happened so fast
My grandma called…

My mom looked lost…

Right then I knew…

His soul was at the funeral…

In the eyes – laughs…

The voice that said it was ok…

I knew it was

From the first time my Boom Boom held out his hand---

I Never Let Go

Dedicated to:

Max Dean
November 24, 1917 - December 17, 2000
Sarah Jane

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