Never Fraying Bond

September 22, 2007
I'll always be by your side

Not even death can keep us apart

On gusts of wind I'll whisper in your ear

Though you may think I'm not there

You'll still hear my voice singing in your soul

You'll still see me in your dreams

You'll still feel me guarding you from harm.

By the sun I shall watch over you

By the moon I shall sing to you

All is not lost after death

For I am home and waiting for you to come as well

So we can ride on a sliver chariot pulled by the stars of the heavens

So that we can once again be together in harmony

Until that day comes stay on the path you choose

Whatever it is it's made for you

And when you look up at the sky

My face will be looking down at you

Blowing down a kiss upon your rosy cheeks

'Til the day we are reunited I only ask you one thing

To live your life to the fullest for me

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