Happy Birthday

September 22, 2007
By Josie Fegan, Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Now i couldnt really tell you
what would have been your gift.
If you were still down here with me
with your whole life left to live.

It probably would have been
meaningless, with no real reason to its name.
But you still would have been here
and it wouldnt have been the same.

But i know you're in heaven
and though its hard to see that is a gift in itself.
Because you deserve freedom for eternity
for all that pain you were dealt.

So ill do my best to try
and remember all the good days we shared.
And i hope you know i love you
and that ive always cared.

So happy birthday to you
the one that rides the clouds up high.
And the only gift i can think of

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