Embraced by Darkness

February 8, 2012
By singfromyoursoul SILVER, Lyons, Oregon
singfromyoursoul SILVER, Lyons, Oregon
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Close your eyes from the world
And seek security behind closed lids
Block out the harsh images of reality
And do whatever the darkness bids

Black holes replace eyes
On the gaunt face of night
Its willowy form and skeletal hands
Stealing away all the light

Encompassed in silence
And consumed by shadows
For in this eerie pit
Not a single object glows

There is no illumination
In this inky expanse
And you join the darkness
Without a second glance

For in the night you find
That ignorance is bliss
So you no longer worry
When something goes amiss

And in this temporary blindness
Comes comfort and protection
Where you are guarded from
All the lies and deception

You never know what's waiting
When the light again returns
For in this time of blackness
You forgot how the candle burns

So when the choice comes
Though the night is starless,
Allow yourself to be
Embraced by the darkness

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