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February 8, 2012
By RavensSacrifice BRONZE, Gardiner, Maine
RavensSacrifice BRONZE, Gardiner, Maine
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A brief moment of darkness
was all that I knew,
before Heaven's Gate
came into my view.

Loved ones and friends
I had missed for many years,
welcomed me with open arms
and many happy tears.

All the hurt, fear and pain
that I have ever known,
is gone from my life,
I am finally home.

I gazed upon the Lord's
sweet smiling face,
and for the first time in my life
I knew and felt His grace.

I know that you miss me,
but please dry your eyes.
I will always be watching and loving you
from my home in the sky.

A cool breeze on your face,
a touch of light rain,
I will send as a reminder
that we will be reunited again.

Life on earth is but one
brief moment in time,
I am finally home,
Eternity is mine.

The author's comments:
This Poem Was Written For My Uncle Who Passed Away :/ I Wrote it while trying to imagine How He Felt and Trying to Imagine What exactly He Would Say to Us if He Had the Chance <'3 R.I.P Rock A. Boynton

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