Our Hearts

September 22, 2007
By Nat Carson, Bethlehem, PA

our hearts
cease to beat.
we live
but they don’t
pump the blood
to our brains.
we act stupid
like two people
in love should.
you feel it.
i feel it too.
my heart
grows in size
until my chest
simply cannot
hold the love
i feel.
skin tears and
bones break
the arteries snap
and my heart soars
into the clouds
above us,
like a balloon
at the fair
it’s soon lost
to the wind
and the sky.
it reaches the stars
and absorbs them all.
then floats
feathery to the earth
and lands in your
open hands.
you hold it in
your right hand
and take mine in
your left
and we walk around
the earth
with starlight
and lovelight
to brighten the way.

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