February 8, 2012
Sunshine to brighten up your day.
Moonlight to take the pain away.
It's a brand new year, make it last.
Don't let it be affected by the past.
12 new months to this new year.
Please don't be in fear my dear.
So many memories to be made.
So many feelings that will not fade.

Just a new day up ahead.
So don't spend all of it in bed.
Spend it outside, in the winter days.
Don't be surprised if it passes in a haze.
Soon it will be spring again.
Just a new season up ahead.

Spring flowers blooming all around.
Nothing but the wind has sound.
Can you hear it's mystic voice?
Can you hear it's thrill and joys?
It screams of the fun ahead.
Please don't waste it in bed.

Warm summer nights ahead.
No longer should you be in bed.
Don't sleep these times away.
Don't miss how the swing will sway.
Don't miss all these beautiful nights.
All the joys and the frights.
This summer will rise to new heights.

Autumn is here again.
A new night, a new bend.
Bundle up for the cold weather.
It won't choose whether
To tear you down, or make them frown.
Jack Frost wears the crown.
He'll rule the town.

Bitter cold nights ahead.
You should huddle in your bed.
I know I rather be with you instead.
Our bodies entwined, no words said.

Love can get you through this weather.
Make you float on the wind like a feather.
Keep you warm through these bitter nights.
Keep you cold during all the summers heat.
Make your heart drum along to the winds rhythmic beat.
Makes you finally see.
Love keeps the world happy.

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Marcasaur said...
Feb. 12, 2012 at 8:08 pm
Omit the "Quotes" part. I'm not sure how that got in there.
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