Lust Lies

September 22, 2007
By Danielle Pipkin, Ochelata, OK

You come back just as fast as you leave.

It's not easy watching the floor when as you pass by.

Yet, I cannot look you in the eyes, either.

The guilt builds up for this incident.

So many times I slipped.

So many times you let me.

Every quiet moment pushes the question to my lips.

How many more silent visits will it take?

If you would meet me halfway this would be so much easier.

Too many times do I have to prove to you it's real.

One day at loss.

Two days at loss.

Now three, now four.

How many days will I lose you for?

There's not much time left to throw around.

How many more nights of sleep will I lose, wondering where and how you are?

Do you feel too much, or not enough?

Leaving me without answers won't get you out any quicker.

But because of that timeless feeling, I don't think I'll let you go anyway.

We can chase each other in circles for years on end, and You will always end up stopping to let me catch up.

But I know what your feeling.

It's not from your heart, and I've grown used to it.

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