February 9, 2012
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For every single word you have spoken,
I have sat here thinking I'm broken.
You seem to know exactly where to go,
And whatever I asked, you always said no.
Well, now it's my turn to rise and shine,
And I have to say, I'm feeling mighty fine.
For once in my life, I feel like I've got a voice.
So, step aside world, you have no choice.
For those of you who had pushed me aside,
I'm rising back up, but it's a long ride.
If I asked you to choose between them or me,
Would I be painting a picture for you to see?
When you drink too much, you tend to yell,
You lose your temper and everything goes to hell.
This addiction you have needs to stop,
Because you're keeping us all from rising to the top.
So if you care, you will create something new,
Because at this point, there is nothing else I can do.
But if you don't, I'm afraid to say,
I'll get tired of this, and walk out of your life someday.

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