Fairy Tale

February 8, 2012
By singfromyoursoul SILVER, Lyons, Oregon
singfromyoursoul SILVER, Lyons, Oregon
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Once upon a time
There was a girl, always alone
And in her empty life
She longed for a love of her own

I don't know if you realize this
But that girl is me
This is my story of a princess
That never came to be

We start like all tales
With me looking for more
Just like every other character
Before things turn poor

You came along
Seeming so caring and kind
Maybe it was your smile
Or how brightly your fake amour shined

But I ran into your open arms
Expecting a storybook ending
Little did I know
My happiness was pending

For you were no hero
Wanting to save a damsel in distress
You were a dragon
Looking for a soul to repress

When I tried to escape
You scorched me with your fire
Immobilizing me with hate
Of this sport you never tire

Then there were those times
You pretended to love me
When you changed from beast to beauty
And with you I wanted to be

But you soon wanted more
Than just a simple peasant
So when you saw her,the perfect princess
You left me, not at all hesitant

What a stupid girl I was
And now when I hear your name I wince
For I fooled myself into believing
That you were some kind of prince

That is my tragic story
Of how even Prince Charming can fail
There is no 'happily ever after'
In my messed up fairy tale

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