Bound to the Music

February 8, 2012
By singfromyoursoul SILVER, Lyons, Oregon
singfromyoursoul SILVER, Lyons, Oregon
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Bound to the music
Trapped inside my heart
The soft, rhythmic beats
Forming verbal art

Bound to the music
Engraved into my brain
The beautiful chaos of instruments
Blocking out all the pain

Bound to the music
Whispering to my soul
The comfort of lyrics
Making me once again whole

Bound to the music
And its intoxicating sound
The raw power
Begging to be found

Bound to the music
Reaching the darkest recesses
Filling them with emotions
My face never expresses

Bound to the music
That unlocks reality without a key
Removing the veil of ignorance
Allowing me to truly see

Bound to the music
Coaxing passion alive
A riot of spirit
An internal drive

Bound to the music
Forever part of me
For without music
What would we be?

The author's comments:
This describes what music means to me and how much power it has. I am quite literally bound to music.

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