Image of Perfection

February 8, 2012
By singfromyoursoul SILVER, Lyons, Oregon
singfromyoursoul SILVER, Lyons, Oregon
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The image of perfection
They planted in your head
Of what you should look like
When you roll out of bed

Step onto the menacing scale
And dread the numbers below
Wish they would go away
For they are now your foe

Journey to the closet
Searching for the "right" clothes
Try on numerous combos
In your mini fashion shows

Spend an hour on your hair
Perfectly placing every strand
Morphing it to copy
A style you don't understand

Grab your makeup it is time
To erase the "imperfection"
Even your skin, emphasize your eyes
They tell you with strict direction

Now go to school you are ready
To look just like the other girls
With the same cool clothes
And the same perfect curls

Was it worth all that time?
To just blend into the crowd
A clone of the others
And no self expression allowed

Break the pattern
It doesn't take a wiz
But hurry before you find out
How bittersweet "perfection" is

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