Time Goes By

March 30, 2008
By Carl Aycock, St. Augustine, FL

You wake up one day
You’re about 3 years old
You roam all over climbing on everything in sight
You fall, but mommy’s there to catch you.

Next day
You’re about 8 years old now
Dad is teaching you hit a baseball
Through and catch
You’re growing up.

Next Day
You’re 14 years old
Your only concerns are school, sports and that special someone
Your teachers hassle with every other turn
You’re planning for the future

Next Day
You’re 36 years old
You have a family
A 4-year-old son and a new baby girl
And you think to your self
“Where has the time gone?
It slipped through my hands before I even knew what was going on.”
Time goes by you like the wind, and you’ll never catch it once it passes.

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