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February 7, 2012
By hayfever BRONZE, Oakville, Other
hayfever BRONZE, Oakville, Other
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Be as you wish to seem.

hate baby hate
when all you hope's gone
i'll be your crying shoulder
to rest upon

lest we forget
the day you lost your soul, the day you fell apart,
it was the day your mother stopped her crying and the sun blazed at one hundred degrees and the day you forgot.
forgot what it's like to remember, what it's like to be alive. you carried yourself with a heavy heart; you're a bag of bones, claimed better dead than alive.

hey - remember those wednesdays you'd spend writing me dozens of the awful, knee-slapper jokes that you hated because they made me laugh? and remember when i asked why you wrote them if you hated them, and replied because my happiness was more important to you than your own?

and remember when we used to skip rocks at the river down the eighteen-mile path, across the bridge? it was like our own personal narnia, the solace for our lost souls. you said you'd come back every time, and you did. except this time. i sat with my lukewarm tea against the contours of the rocks, the rain falling carelessly around me.

the river's never been the same since. i didn't have the heart to ever leave it, even with you gone. i just wish you had taken the nostalgia with you. you forgot. your mother forgot. the river forgot.

i remembered.

hate baby hate
when there's nothing left to do
i'm never going to forget about you

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