February 7, 2012
Yo well oh well,
Life ain’t quite hell,
I just had a dry spell,
That’s all no more,
Imma grab my stuff and out this door,
The world so bright,
Tonight will be a good night,
I can tell,
By the smell,
Of the lady that passed,
It smelled like roses,
My nose is,
Telling me follow stop talk,
But I just turn the other way and walk,
There’s a bar three blocks down,
It’s the best bar in town,
It’s called the clown frown,
I take a step,
I hadn’t even crept,
In the stench almost wasn’t tolerable,
Then I remember it my,
Issues weren’t even hollerable,
Let alone tolerable,
I ran outta that bar,
And out on the street,
I had my feet,
Flat on the ground waiting for the rest to follow,
Feeling so hollow,
It seemed like hours till I was happy.

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