Broken Wings Made Her Fall

February 7, 2012
By alexandriahampton SILVER, Dickson, Tennessee
alexandriahampton SILVER, Dickson, Tennessee
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I learned that things change, people change, and it doesn't mean you forget the past or try to cover it up.
It simply means that you move on and treasure the memories.

Broken wings made her fall
They made her fall from the sky
She hit the ground with undeniable pain
She screamed to herself, "Why?"
All her dreams shattered, memories the same
Her heart broke in two and she knew who was to blame
Her parents for the chaos
Herself for the purposeful pain
Her heart for being too weak
God for all the vain
Herself for letting her have him
That girl for the same
That boy for making her fall for him
And herself for giving into that wretched rain
It wasn't like she was ignorant
It wasn't like she couldn't see
She bowed her head with tears streaming down
She hissed through her teeth, "The only one to blame is me."
She wiped away the tears and looked back on her life
For all the pain was starting to catch up to her tonight
She looked up at the night to dare to see
Her white wings turned black
Everything was falling apart and that was how it was meant to be

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