HATE The Fact

February 7, 2012
I can not hide,
These lies
can not be denied,
I hate that the fact
That you’re leaving
And won’t even come
to say goodbye
I hate that the fact
Our last kiss
Was a total and complete miss
I hate that you were never around
When I needed you the most
But love kept us whole
I hate how you’d
Always flip your hair
And my eyes got lost into yours
With that sizzling stare
I hate the way you
Ware your Levi jeans
Thinking you’re the best
Cause your warring something sexy
I hate your smile
Even though it makes
Every girl go wild
I hate the way you walk
Like your in a gang
I hate the way you talk
For hours and hours
Even in the rain
I hate the way you
Hug me it’s like
your pulling away
And I hate the fact
That at the end of the day
Some how you
Lead me your way
Just to fall in love
With you all over again
But today is different
I realized my mistakes
And I realized there are better men
Then you
And so today
I found Love
And forgot about you
I fallen in love
For real
Something you could
Never make me do

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