Sandy Spectacular Seashell

February 7, 2012
By Julie Kampf BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
Julie Kampf BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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Sandy seashells lie on the beach,
Shells are picture books that contain a story,
Pouched shells jump around every which way,
A shell is sandpaper,
The more it gets tossed around the smoother it gets.
Sandy spectacular seashells spruce up the seashore.
Small bits of sand lie throughout the seashell.
Salty taste that isn’t pleasant.
Hear the sound of the ocean when you put your ear against it.
Feels soft from sand battering against it, smoothing the surface.
The shell is like clothes for hermit crabs that look for the one that isn’t too big or too small.
The shell hopes for some nice hermit crab to come and live inside of it.
It makes me want to come to the beach.
A shell is a picture book that contains stories to be told.

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