I Wonder Why

February 7, 2012
By jenlracca BRONZE, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
jenlracca BRONZE, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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I listen to my mother talk,
Telling me what to wear.
Her eyes tell me she loves me,
Her voice tells me she cares.

I am going to a party,
Me mom tells me to be safe.
I tell her I am a tiger,
She said don’t get chafe.

I am wearing a turtleneck dress,
Like turtles hiding in shells.
Mother tells me to call when there.
I told her not to dwell.

I phoned her when I got there,
And I heard a big crash.
I called my dad to look for her,
I’d be there in a dash.

We went only to find her gone,
She only thought about me.
I started to feel guilty,
I loved her like she couldn’t believe.

I visualize my mother,
Thinking about her love.
She gave it to everyone,
Now she loves from above.

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