Hey Diddle Diddle

February 7, 2012
By Jahums BRONZE, South Plainfield High School, New Jersey
Jahums BRONZE, South Plainfield High School, New Jersey
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Hey hey, diddle diddle
The tired cat picked up his fiddle
After a work week far too long
He wasn’t sure he could muster a song

Still, carefully, he turned the keys
And tuned the strings with practiced ease
He picked up his bow and began to play
To wash the stressful week away

The tune began in erratic flux
‘tween flowing notes and random plucks
The poor cat’s strain was clearly displayed
In every note his fiddle played.

But soon his notes grew strong and pure
He couldn’t help but start to purr
And tap his poor arthritic paws
He loved his life, despite its flaws

A warm breeze entered through the door
The cat could not sit still any more
He leapt and ran into the night
And let a wild tune take flight

It reached the ears of the cow in the field
Her heart matched the beat and her mind reeled
Oh what a wild, spectacular song!
She hadn’t heard the like in far too long.

The beat grew faster and the cat twirled around
The cow leapt for joy and she didn’t come down
The cat played on, through the air came a laugh
Watching the fun was the dog and the calf.

They laughed till tears were in their eyes
Then a moo resounded and down from the skies
Returned the cow, to join the fun
The laughter spread to everyone.

Then TWANG! broke the fiddle string
The music stopped and everything
Fell silent on that moonlit night
The tune had made its final flight…

Or not, for the calf picked up the tune
Singing the notes like a crazy loon
The dog joined in and the rest followed suit
The knives and bowls and forks to boot

Everybody danced together
In the early autumn weather
Everyone, beneath the moon
All that is, except the spoon

The poor young spoon, who’s only wish
Was to be loved by the handsome dish
Laid alone in the drawer left bare
She was used to this, and didn’t care

Her eyes were closed, she heard a voice
She opened them wide and her heart rejoiced
The dish sat beside her and asked her to dance
She couldn’t resist, and took the chance

They danced and spun to the melody
Then stopped and embraced unsteadily
As the song faded out and the silence returned
A love grew between them and fiercely burned

So hey diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
The little dog laughed to see such fun
And the dish ran away with the spoon

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