Growing Up Together

February 6, 2012
By K.Spirit PLATINUM, Nashville, Tennessee
K.Spirit PLATINUM, Nashville, Tennessee
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Blue silken river
The birthplace of our memories
Those long ago moments have slipped from my fingers

We used to play King of the Forest
And lead our cavalry
To the blue silken river

You triple dog dared me to tell John I liked him
I couldn’t because I saw you laughing in the classroom corner
Those long ago moments have slipped from my fingers

When I was fourteen, I fell from the rope swing and hurt my ankle
You brushed back my hair and told me I was brave
Then you wrapped up my leg, at the blue silken river

As we grew older, I often wondered if you loved me like I did
I wanted to ask you to dance, but my friend waltzed with you all night
That precious moment slipped from my fingers

We grew older and you left our small town
To live in the city, where you fell in love
I cry a blue silken river
When I think of the long ago moments that slipped from our fingers

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