Beginning and Evolution- From the First Look to the last

January 22, 2012
By Lavanya SILVER, Chennai, Other
Lavanya SILVER, Chennai, Other
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At the starting line of life
She was nothing but a small cell
No troubles and no strife
Inside her cocoon, she lived well…

Day by day, a little more she grew
Eager to see the world as time quickly flew.
Fervent to know what wonders the world held
The little excited one wanted no more, to be shelled.

Finally, after a long wait came the big day,
When she got to feel, upon her tiny self, the sun’s first ray.
Her ecstasy and curiosity knew no bounds
How happy she felt to be able to feel, she could not expound.

Soon she phased to a woman, from the tiny toddler she was
Along the way, she learnt to respect herself and mend her little flaws
From being the dependent quadruped, she learnt to stand on her own two feet
Every predicament, all those challenges, with guts she did beat.

There were many times when she felt out and down
Times when even that put on smile couldn’t conceal that frown
Time when she wanted to give up and scream aloud
Times when she wanted to break free and stand out in the crowd.

Little by little, she overcame every failure and tear
Of failure or rejection, she had no more, any fear
Every time she fell, she was quick to rise
Following her heart she went about ignoring all the free advice!

A beautiful mother she soon became
Troubles didn’t end though and she was still subjected to shame
Despite all the thorns in the path she didn’t quit
With resilience, in her heart, hope’s lamp she lit.

The child grew and soon left his mother’s side
She was left alone again, no one to live for, no one to guide
She waited for her lungs to empty out, her breath to halt
She yearned to go back to the dust she came from, to be covered in mud and salt.

Soon she died and left behind of herself not a trace
Society spoke of her for a while as a big disgrace
In realizing a truth, though, they didn’t quite delay
That she had lived her life well, caring a damn for others,

Living it her own way

The author's comments:
Life isn't about the destination, it's about the journey...

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