All Thta's Left

January 22, 2012
All that's left...
Is there anything left?
The Lord has tested my strength..
And I have failed...
I have nothing left to hold onto

I've come to the conclusion that I stand alone,
That The fear that once haunted me finally has returned...
The thrill of not being able to hurt..
All that's left..
Is there any left?
Or is it just a illusion..

Why is MY strength being tested?!
Why is it that MY heart must have a burden?!
Where is MY hope?
Could it be in this gun??
Is my solution this bullet?

As I cry..
I notice that my tears were my countdown..
Leading me to something that I'd hope would lead me to all that's left..
The number's seem to have came faster since the tears have already been coming..
I'd rather have a bullet to the brain than dealing with all this pain..

5.What has this world done to me, to where all I have left is nothing?
4.Is it a sin, to give to others..until you have nothing left for your own?
3.Does crying make you stronger that what you were before?
2.What has my life come to? Why is it only me?
1. I...really have left?

The heavy instrument is placed in the most damaged place..
My heart slows down
It is finally at ease..

All that is left
Is the body of a teenage girl..
Hopeless,and a mind of undeniable vacuity

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