Reality Sets

January 22, 2012
By Miss.Alexandria PLATINUM, Los Angeles, California
Miss.Alexandria PLATINUM, Los Angeles, California
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Reality Sets
Here I am...
The sunrises..
No gravity holding me down.
No strings attached
Not even pain inflicted upon.

The skies are as blue as after a hurricane.
No darkness..only light
No constrictions...only freedom
No worries....just perfect
Ha I say Just a perfect world.

But wait..
An unfamiliar image is coming towards me
It seems darker then midnight.
And suddenly gravity sets in,and I start to fall.
But what am I falling to?

I encounter things that I thought wasn't possible...
I try to dodge what I can but its to dark to see whts coming..
I think this is what they call a future...
What ever it hurts
And I can't help but think this is the end.

Finally! I stopped falling.
But I can't move..
The impact to the concrete ground...left me shattered.
Excruciating pain....but yet I can't help but want to get back to my perfect world.
So I guess Ill just have to crawl back to it.

I want to go back to my past if that means yesterday was a better day.
My future is unpredictable if I allow it to be
And I thought the present was a gift but someone must have taken it back.
To bad after the sunrises, i had to hit my reality.

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