The Wasted Minds Amongst the Ordinary MAG

February 5, 2012
By Quinntessa PLATINUM, Amherst, Massachusetts
Quinntessa PLATINUM, Amherst, Massachusetts
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A sea of cowards stands among me
Wishing of utterly useless things
Wanting selfish curiosity
From the voice of a bird that rarely sings

Greedy minds make tell-tale lies
Slipping through our imaginations
Making us believe in the charmed black skies
Expanding our own fascinations

Fingers, dirty, pick through couraged lives
Which ones to make lost, proved helpless?
Or which ones to pull hideous knives?
The cravens play it all too selfless

Innocent conceptions, you must stand guard
For they have joined the obscene game
They break each one shard by shard
The mice show no dishonor nor malevolent shame

We must band together, let trueness
carry good
Don't let the pessimists get through our cracking wall
Yet if it happens, for it certainly could
Let your shadows scream their darkened call

But win the battle, fight the scene
Use your humbleness and modest identity
Sane spirits will be brought to deeply convene
For the war of faintheart has become pure entity

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