Pittsbugh Steelers

February 2, 2012
By Anonymous

Pittsburgh Steelers,
They have six super bowl Lombardy trophies,
Were the best,
Everyone thinks were phonies,
But we put them to the test,
They cant keep up with Mike Wallace,
So he turns around and says good bye fellows,
Antonio brown in the kick off,
He returns if for a touchdown,
then he turns around and bluffs,
Ben Roethlisberger the quarter back,
Every time they try to tackle him,
All he does is juke and smack,
Can’t get him down,
So they lay in the ground and frown,
Hines Ward best wide receiver,
He guarantees a catch cause he achiever,
Troy Polamalu best safety there is,
Every time the opposing team throws the ball,
His goal is to make it his,
So black and yellow,
These colors aren’t mellow,
There every where,
So you got to one,
Because they have six super bowl Lombardy trophies won,

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