Poised against Perfection

February 5, 2012
I woke up in morning wondering what to wear,
Then I realized that I don't really care,
I like to wear my vans with neon strings
And I like to do so many crazy things,
Does that make me weird, or just unique?
Well come on stand up and speak

Be poised against perfection,
Choose something from every selection.
Don't hold that Barbie image so near
Get rid of the weight, you call fear
So set yourself free
Be whatever you wanna be

Got to school, and get some weird looks
People spying from behind their books,
Short or tall, skinny or fat
People are gonna stare and say " well look at that"
Just brush it aside
 And take a high road ride

Be poised against perfection
Choose something from every selection
Don't hold that Barbie image so near
Get rid of the weight you, you call fear
It'd doesn't matter how others see you,
Just remember to always stay true

We stood up and spoke,
 never let fear make us choke,
We let the insults go, 
 even though we had bruises to show,
We knew better,
We didn't need to be a trend setter

We are poised against perfection
We chose something from every  selection
We didn't hold that Barbie image near
We let go the weight of fear
Now we're set free
And we say " I don't care what anyone thinks of me"
Because I'm me

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