The Lady in the Water

February 1, 2012
There is an ocean
in the ocean is a lake
in the lake is a river and
in the river is a fish swimming
deep under the surface
the fish is the life of the river
he spreads the life in the water
like ink seeping into paper
when the fish is around
the life spreads from the river
into the lake and taints the ocean
then the ocean becomes alive
with gray clouds and lightning
which flashes in each crashing wave
and in the lighting is a lady
who only comes when it's raining
she steals the voice from my throat
as she rolls among the waves
and she clasps a golden cup in her palms
if she spills the cup there will be chaos
the cup holds the voice and
the voice speaks a name and that name
is my own whispered in the waves
she holds my name in her hands
the lady with the golden cup
the lady, she calls me out into the water.

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