February 1, 2012
Hidden in the dark in some lonely place
Is a person once known but now a forgotten face
They try so hard to make everything alright
Never knowing when to give up or how long to fight
They struggle to hold on until things are okay
Hoping and praying for a better day
They try all they can to hold everything together
Knowing that somehow things have to get better
To avoid causing problems they stay hidden away
And until they figure things out this is where they stay
They no longer feel useful or helpful at all
As the world around them seems to crumble and fall
They feel sad and hurt over stuff that they shouldn't
They act strange and do things they always thought they wouldn't
Lost and confused with a lot on their mind
Their purpose in this world they are trying to find
They wonder around with not a clue
Of how to handle their issues or what they should do
Fine on the outside but a disaster within
All of the conflicts they hide with a grin
They aren't sure where they fit in or where they belong
They've been debating and thinking about it for so long
Unsure how to deal with the problems they face
Some things in life they wish they could erase
If they keep pushing through they will come to realize
That all of the problems they faced were just a blessing in disguise

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