Allia's Scent

February 1, 2012
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An astounding day in Mrs. Pace-Bleu’s Eastern Global Class.
Seventh grade to be exact.
2006 through 2007 to be even more exact.
I met this girl,
There was something about her I just couldn’t figure out.
Was she black or was she white?
Was it her hair?
Was it her eyes?
Was it her feet?
NO! It was her scent.
The sweet smell of tulips in the spring.
The teach placed us next to each other.
Pretty sure we were both terrified to talk to each other,
We were both shy at the time.
Until, I looked into those big, beady green eyes
And said hello my name is Aimee Presso, you smell like a lump of flowers.
She replied “Thanks…I think? You weirdo”
“Your welcome” I said back.
She told me I looked like the creeper across her street.
To me, that was a compliment.
She then ranted on about how I brighten up her life.
I was in a daze by her scent,
I couldn’t make out the words,

From then on,
We’ve been attached at the heart.
Never able to let go,
Never able to forget,
All the times,
Stemming from 2006 to present day high school.
I love Allia Jeebles

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