February 8, 2008
By Abby Shumway, Ottawa, KS

Every day we see people.
We walk down the street, and there they are.
We see pictures in frames, in magazines, in catalogs.
On television there they are.

Everyday we are connected to people.
Walk outside your door and wave to passerby.
Pick up the phone and call an old friend.
Turn on music or television and listen to them talk.

People are all the same.
Blood runs through our veins.
Bones support our muscles.
Skin covers our insides.
We all think through our brain.
Our hearts beat the same way.

People are all different.
No one has the same thoughts.
No one has the same feelings.
No one has the same tastes.
No one is the same.

All people are together.
When I bleed, you do not bleed.
When I bruise, you do not bruise.
When I die, you do not die.
But when I cry, you cry too.
And when I hurt, you hurt too.
When I die, you will feel the grief.

We are not all together.
We do not notice another’s pain.
We let people hurt each other.
We watch people dying without a passing thought.

So are we the same, or are we different?
Are we alone, or with one another?
Are we together, or far apart?

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