February 2, 2012
By SerenityRobert BRONZE, West Harrrison, Indiana
SerenityRobert BRONZE, West Harrrison, Indiana
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you dont just stop loving someone you either always will or never did.

Secrets traded are never kept
they will escape you, if they are let
i had a secret once and it got away
i found out this morning, i found out today
i couldve kept it if i wouldnt have told
if i wouldve stayed quiet itd still be my secret to hold
i slipped and told one, then slipped and told two
i told my closest friends, maybe they told you
i never wanted this to happen, this secret was supposed to be mine
but i had to talk, i couldnt get it off my mind
i can lie, but its hard to lie to a friend
people know me to well, sometimes its hard to pretend
the secret got smaller the more people knew
soon it was no secret, it had been told to the whole school
i told myself to tell knowone, but yet i did
as if im a jar and someone unscrewed my lid
i told my secret and now i regret
secrets will escape you, if they are let

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