February 6, 2008
By Camilla Bethel, Raleigh, NC

A lot of unnecessary action
He said, She said, they said
And who really cares what they said
Why can’t we all get along?
The world is like one big ozone
Girl against girl
Dude against dude
I guess it all comes from different attitudes
Im ready to fight you yo
So put up your dukes
Act like a little baby and go home
And boo hoo
I didn’t say that, but
I heard you did so don’t
Be a punk
Just hold up your head
And say what you said
But I didn’t say that
Don’t worry bout that
I have human resources
And that’s a well-known fact
Can you give me the names?
No, I won’t do that
Im not a snitch I won’t
Promise you one thing
Then go behind yo back
If you was in the hood or
Projects you would get shot or
Beat up for saying stuff like that
I wonder in my mind at times in
The end we will all win if we learn
To agree to disagree and still
Be friends, but the world isn’t
Like that today, drama is
Taking over because of what
He said or she said especially
When it comes to
Close friends, Drama, Drama
Is all around all you can
Try to do is avoid it and not
Let it back you down
Drama sometimes makes
You smile and makes you frown
But like I said before
Don’t let it back you down

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