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Why Mister World?

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The Moon paints a picture across a dim-lit sky,
Then dances around the stars and asks Mister World why,
“Why are your creatures so beautiful, yet so awfully cruel?
They care too much about themselves. They’re all such stubborn fools.
Tell them to look around. Smile. There’s so much to be grateful for.
All I see down there is never-ending wars.
Tell them to look around, unto their neighbors, and shake each of their hands.
Because Mister World, this is your home to share and every creature’s land.”
Mister World looks up and says, “Moon, this is no place for your trickery.
They've lived like this for a long time now. Cruelty is a part of their history.
Time and time again, blood has been spilled all over this broken ground.
Every corner has been searched and yet, a warm soul has never been found.
They've looked to the East and looked to the far corners of the West,
But after all of their searching, their travels have never been blessed.
There is no answer for your question; therefore we have nothing to say to you.
These lands will forever be tainted with blood and there is nothing we can do.”
The Moon sighs and says, “They’re looking in all of the wrong places, my friend.
Yes, they’ve looked far to the East and all the way to the West ends.
But there is one place they have missed that is simply easy to obtain,
When they find this place, a part of their humanity will be forever gained.
This place cannot be seen through their malicious eyes,
However, it has been deceived with nothing but cold lies.
Look into each of your hearts, my friends, there is where you’ll find your answer.
There’s good inside each of you underneath that wicked cancer.
Pry that cruelty away & you’ll find the warm souls you’ve been searching for.
There’s good deep down inside of your hearts. Embrace it. End those wars.
The answer is that simple, my friend. It’s been there all along.
Listen to my advice. You, Mister World, may just become quite peacefully strong.”

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