January 24, 2012
By smileeface BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
smileeface BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Summer is long gone,

Past is all the heat,

Rejoicing is the flowers,

In bloom once again,

No more is the warmth, lingering in the air,

Goodbye summer, spring is here.

White out, across the sky,

Inside all of us go,

?No animals are to be seen,

?Tiny, underneath the snow,

?Every spring flower, buried,

?Releasing the cold, winter comes and goes.

Fresh new season,

Any remains of winter are melting,

Leaves dropping from trees,

Listen to the air, fall is here.

So long fall,

Up comes the season of heat,

Many months of warmth,

?Most are near one hundred degrees,?

Every day is hot in summer,

?Repeating all of the seasons, spring will come once again.

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