Forgiveness Has Reasons

January 30, 2012
Do you know why I forgave you that day?
When you scowled at me and turned away.
I was at fault for a childish bet,
You weren't involved but got punished yet.
"I'm sorry", I cried, with tears on my face,
I was petrified as confusion paced.
Over and over I apologized earnestly,
You couldn't ever forgive me you told me honestly.
I sent notes of sorrow, to you two--my friends.
Of my forgiveness to you there be no ends.
You had listened to me, talked with me, our friendship grew,
I barely knew you, but still sorrow blew.
There seemed to be no hope for me,
Neither one of you saw what our friendship meant to me.
My life has been broken by grudges for years,
My family that's separated sheds no tears.
But I do shed tears when I can embrace,
The sorrowful history that I must face.
I have never told you how my loved ones hate,
How they went away, never looked back when they reached the gate.
Nobody talks until somebody dies,
Only then does the ignorance subside.
Then when it's over they leave once again,
Burdens fall back to shame me again.
This is why I forgave you that day,
When you scoweled at me and turned away.
I prayed without ceasing, really I did,
I thought "Forever Good Bye" I must bid.
But God answers prayer in time, he does,
Just wait and you'll see, he loves.
My prayers he did answer, one by one,
First she forgave, then your forgiveness did come.
You said you were happy, that anger did pass,
I am too, and the happiness shan't ever pass.
You're two of my best friends,
I pray our friendship never ends!

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