Deficit Reduction

January 29, 2012
This one’s for Congress.
You’ll need to acquiesce.
We got a big problem.
One we all condemn.
Our debt is soaring.
No more ignoring.
We gotta fix it.
Fix our deficit.

There’s a limit we can borrow,
Lest we burden tomorrow.
If we don’t cut spending,
Our world will be ending.
Taxes, we ought’a raise.
No more delays.
We gotta fix it.
Fix our deficit.

Deficit reduction
Is an introduction
To a smarter way of living,
Which don’t depend on others’ giving.
Once in action,
You’ll feel the satisfaction,
So we need to fix it.
Fix our deficit.

We must not dismiss
The economic crisis.
It won’t go away
Till we mend our way.
Capitol Hill, we beg you
To increase tax revenue.
For we gotta fix it.
We gotta fix our deficit.

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