What a Waste

May 7, 2008
By Samantha Oxford, Hurst, TX

I just don’t understand
How you could have changed
You were perfect
You made me smile
You made me feel things I can’t explain
You said,
Trust me, we can make this work
Give it your all baby
It’ll be fine
And in the end…
It was all wasted time

Was this a mistake?
What did I do?
Could I have done something more?
Was it something I said?
Did I not give enough of myself?

But then I realize
It wasn’t me at all
It was you
You made the mistake
You didn’t DO anything
You COULD have done more
And yes it was something you said
You said all the wrong things
You lied to me
How could you do this to me…
What do I do now?

Think maybe
Just maybe
You’ll come to your senses
But I guess I just wasn’t enough
You needed more
More then I was willing to give
And I wasn’t being selfish
I was protecting myself
From the monster you hid so eloquently

I tried
But it was too much for me
I couldn’t take it anymore
I tore through my mind
Trying to find
When it was exactly
You decided to waste all my time

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