Dreamless Sleep

January 27, 2012
By BrokenNeonLights PLATINUM, Gaffney, South Carolina
BrokenNeonLights PLATINUM, Gaffney, South Carolina
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Dream to fly with broken wings ~<3~

Tonight will be a dreamless sleep

You know tomorrow will come just like it had today

With angels watching you overhead

You know no dreams will fill your mind at night

You used to wish upon a star

For even a slight glimmer of light

To pierce the ever darkening shadows

To tell you everything will be alright

That things will get better

Though you wished with all your might

Dreams never get past the twilight

The dreary shadows close in around you

Stabbing all of your happy thoughts

Cold blood staining cloths of white

Leaving only the torments of nightmares

Every day you fight To live, laugh, love…

But at night, you cower in the closet out of sight

Afraid of what lies in a world of unconsciousness

There is no longer a gleaming white knight to save you

To make this wrong once again right

To listen and understand what you’re going through

To hold you tight and accept “I’m Sorry” when it’s truly felt

But the shadows consumed him and nightmares replaced your memory of him

You wake up drenched in sweat screaming his name

Wishing he was there, but knowing he’ll never come back to you again

Tomorrow will come just like it had today

But nightmares will rip away at the twilight

The stars and the moon in the deep blue sky are bright

But a blanket of darkness and terror will soon take over and cover it…

In a dreamless sleep

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece a while back. I was hiding in the closet after one of the usual nightmares. The clock read 12 past 2. I just wished I could have just a single dreamless sleep, no nightmares and no daydreams. Just sleep. So, I wrote about it. It just goes to show, you write good poetry at two in the morning hiding in a closet. :)

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