Good and Evil

May 6, 2008
By Seth Prather, Independence, KS

Life, such a small word,
yet carries the most important meaning of any one word.
The essential element that gives a soul the substantial form of a human body.
Death, the opposite, takes life,
Yet it is to bring more life into the world and keep it living.
If nothing ever died,
We couldn’t eat, and would starve forever.
The world would soon be overpopulated and
Living conditions would be horror beyond belief.
Death is the release of life.
It is something needed.
We could not live without death.

Who gave the human race the right to judge whether life and death are good and evil?
Good and evil are a matter of perspective,
Nothing more, nothing less.
Yet we judge everyone by acts done,
No matter how trivial they may seem, or how great.
We humans do not know why things are. Things just are.
There do not have to be a reason.
Yet all we can do is only fathom the unknown and become afraid.
Someday the realization that we know nothing will come upon us unhindered by thought.
That will truly be a day of mourning,
For the human race as we know it will die.

Darkness and light are considered evil and good.
Yet doesn’t darkness bring the time to sleep?
Doesn’t sleeping help rest our bodies?
Light can cause cancer.
Both help, and both harm.
Now the question comes to this:
Is there such thing as good and evil?
The answer has to be no,
Only opinions of ignorant people.
Teach a child a concept from birth to adulthood and they will be steadfast in that belief.

No one will ever be able to determine concepts that humans are forbidden to know.
Yet who decides it so?
Is there some higher power,
Some deity, that dictates our lives?
No. We dictate our own life.
God is a term given to the power that drives the universe,
Not a person who watches us, and decides our destinies, our fates.
We do that on our own. No one else.

Why must humans always point the blame?
To accept the blame is to accept one’s self,
But only to a limited degree.
Deeper knowledge becomes shallow wisdom.
Deeper wisdom comes hand in hand with deeper understanding.

Follow thy heart and do not be mislead by the mind.
The human mind is our most powerful tool.
The human heart is the most important tool,
But can overrule the mind.
Follow what you believe
To find out what it is you want to know.
Remember, good and evil are opinionated, not factual ideals.
Do not let this suede your beliefs, I am only voicing mine.

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