Behind the Caked on Faces and Party Hats

May 6, 2008
By adi rajkovic, Houston, TX

Behind the caked on faces and party hats
Hides a timid soul
Hiding the madness
Replacing the old skin with new scales seems natural to a tender beauty queen
So celebrate another night of false delight
And drown the suppressed feelings with nicotine party favors and cheap champagne.
So she takes all the pictures in sepia to conceal her strange radiance
Dare to be different or dare to die from the process of perfection
Because it’s never attained in a world run by media whose tabloids speak the truth
Trumps a martyr for getting rich or at least dying trying
You kidnapped your own identity
Now a lost cause
Regret lingers long
But the disease lingers stronger
Now you can’t tell the tears from the rain
Because they’re just as salty
If the clouds justify the rain then do the tears justify the truth?
In a world of no beginnings, the endings never ending

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