he beats me, im sorry i keep this from you...but this would only hurt you.

January 26, 2012
By bloodysouls GOLD, Nevada, Other
bloodysouls GOLD, Nevada, Other
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the dawn the death the fight to the final breath

stumbling, hyperventalating,trying not to cry
my breathing is rough, i thought i might die
i held your picture as i held on to life
though i hardly knew you, i knew you cared
we met each other in the tough time of foster care
you have no idea whats going on
you havn't since i moved in with my mom
yes Im good Im doing great
you don't need to hear of my terrible fates
yes he's nice, no he doesn't hit me
he's been a wonderful brother
he really loves me
the bruises the welts?
let me make an excuse
you dont need to know of my abuse
really, im fine im not misused
stop asking questions im running out of excuses
i ran into the wall and got some bruises
the welts on my leg? i did it myself
the truth of this lie, will hurt you more than these bruises
if i have too, ill make more excuses
i wont hurt you
like he hurts me
ill continue to lie
if it helps you sleep at night


The author's comments:
my brother has anger issues which my mother wont help him with. she refuses to send him away to get help. each time it gets worse3.

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