In The Back of My Head

January 26, 2012
By Joeytheteddy GOLD, Redmond, Washington
Joeytheteddy GOLD, Redmond, Washington
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Sometimes, life throws us curve balls. And it is not our job to watch the pitch, but to swing. better to swing for the fence than to go down looking. you never know, one of these days, you could possibly hit a homerun.

It just sits there, right there in the back of my head, and eats at me. All those things you ever said, all those dreams you ever dreamt, just sit there in a little box, all in the back of my head.

I read a post, a blog, a mark and it all starts to come again. A hint, a smile, a clap, a frown, all in the back of my head.

It feels so rough and my heart is heavy, i never knew it could hurt so bad. I dont understand this game of love as it sits in the back of my head.

Its the box in the back that keeps me awake, its the one that makes long nights. And when im feeling down it lifts me up, and all in the back of my head.

It never leaves my mind, never has, through sea and storm it still persists. And when its rocky and rough, I’ll call my own bluff, all in the back of my head.

So im writing this to relieve the box, to try and make pain stop. my heart is heavy and my soul is sore, but its all in the back of my head.

So press on oh boy when all is hard, when the storm rages on high. I may say I can’t and she say I wont, but its all in the back of my head.

I’ll pick myself up and press slowly on, through crushed glass and dreams that may abide. Ill make myself better and best as before.

And thats not in the back of my head.

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