He Ran Out of Words to Say...

May 6, 2008
By Lauren Lawrence, Hbg, PA

He ran out of words to say-
So he picked up his guitar
and the music began to speak
the words he could not express.

His long fingers plucked the strings
Causing Tension-
Releasing Melodies-
Hitting the notes that reached my soul.

I had no words to speak-
Only the thoughts
that resonated off my toungue
to create a melody.
We bridged our differences
through the syncopated verses-
And goose pimples
danced across my flesh-
because I understood.

I loved the way we played by ear
He never looked up-
but I felt his vision through the music
and I felt his reassuring touch
throught the base of the instrument
the acoustics hugged my arms
and tickled my ankles.

There was no audience-
only the two of us
and an empty stage
full from the sounds of our voices

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